About us

If you ended up on this page, it means that you want to know more about us. Thank you, because we love to share our story with everyone and we think it's important that you get to know the brands you love.

Tekne is a small manufactory engaged in handmade jewelry and porcelain dishes. Our main designer and owner is Jana Kuvalja, and all the items you use were designed by her and made with her own hands!

Jana graduated from the art academy and became a painter, but her path led her to a slightly different medium. She has always been enthusiastic about the design of useful things, and when she encountered ceramics and porcelain for the first time, she knew that she had found a new means of expression. Everything she painted on canvases, she decided to turn into useful objects.

This story started in 2019 and since then we have learned and developed a lot! We now have a small team helping Jana run her studio. Tekne started by making porcelain jewelry, and now we also make tableware on the potter's wheel.

Making of

Every piece we make passes through our hands countless times. The porcelain is first shaped and air-dried, and then placed in a special oven for the first time so that all the water evaporates at high temperatures. After that, it becomes very fragile and at that stage it is painted and the glaze is applied. All the glazes we use are safe to use. When we paint a pair of earrings or a bowl, all the pieces are returned to the oven, which is fired at 1200 degrees. This phase lasts up to 36 hours, but only after it do we see the real colors that heat and chemical processes extract from the pigments! After that, we decorate each piece with 24 carat gold and put everything back in the furnace!


We strive to make our production as sustainable as possible. Porcelain is a material that is part of the earth, the soil, and our inspiration comes directly from nature and its phenomena. That is why we are even more obliged to respect her. All the materials we use are recycled in production, we also use recycled water and electricity from renewable sources. We only use cardboard and paper for packaging.

The most sustainable thing about our products is that they are made with care and quality with the intention of serving for years and thus reducing their negative impact on the environment.


Our studio is located on the hillside near Banja Luka. Sudio is located at the source of our inspiration - in nature, surrounded by orchards.

In addition to our team of Jane, Mirna, Viktor and Maja, there are also our colleagues the cat Richi and the dogs Leo and Panda who are always ready to help in the making of your piece!